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I started seeing Jade for energy healing back in April 2021 and have loved seeing her ever since.  Jade’s energy healing has helped me heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Reiki has helped me reconnect with my mind, body, and soul.  Before seeing Jade, I didn’t know what it was like to truly feel energy in my body and be living in the present moment.  Every time I have seen her for Reiki, I feel the vibrations of my energy and learn more about what chakras I need to spend more love and attention on. I now have been able to understand how to mediate in the best way that works for me and my chronic illness, take time for self care, check my energy levels, and eat a healthy and well balanced diet.  Jade has made me feel safe and supported in each of our sessions.  One of my favorite parts of sessions are the personalized affirmations Jade gives.  I highly recommend seeing Jade if you want your life to forever transform into something bigger than you could have ever imagined.

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This was my first time ever trying out Reiki and it felt so emotionally healing. I go to therapy and take medications for my depression, anxiety, and ADHD, but this session finally gave me that sense of peace that I've been searching for.

The minute I had my eyes closed, I felt instantly relaxed (and it's hard for me to relax). It was almost as if I was falling in and out of sleep and healing my soul at the same time. The affirmations and energy healing has helped me a lot!



Yesterday, I had my first ever reiki session with Jade @vibrantlybalanced, which was quite a magical experience to say the least! The first time I had heard about reiki was in high school, which I got to personally experience on a career day we had. Yesterday, I found out that most of my Chakras were open, except for a few. Those that were closed were my Root & Third Eye Chakra. The Root Chakra I feel was imbalanced at first, because I’ve been worried about stability and security. So, it makes sense my Third Eye Chakra (associated with intuition) was also out of balance. However, after having this wonderful reiki session, I now have all of my chakras in alignment. I also overall feel lighter, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It felt very freeing in a way, and felt like the worries had been being pulled away & out of my body. After my reiki session, I had the best sleep that I typically don’t have because I deal with insomnia and easily wake up. But the fact that I fell asleep throughout the whole night, said a lot about what this did for me. Healed me from the inside, out & I’d definitely do this experience again. If anyone is interested in a reiki session, she is your girl t go too. Feel free to message on her account, & she will bring these wonders into your life too.


I have received two Reiki distant healing treatments from Jade and each time, I was able to quickly relax, instantly opening myself up to clairvoyant visions. I was honestly blown away by a couple of unexpected revelations during my second session. These have been quite helpful along my journey.


Jade has a very calming and soothing voice that makes it easy to let go of any internal chatter and just experience the flow of Reiki. I especially love how she includes affirmations for each chakra. I find them helpful as she guides you through each energy center, leaving you not only aligned but feeling like you are ready to embrace whatever comes next in your life. Thank you, Jade! I'm so happy our paths crossed.

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I had my first ever Reiki Session on Saturday with Jade and it was such an altering experience! I felt the emotions during my session and released a lot of negative feelings/energy. At the end I felt a lot lighter and relieved. It was something much needed after a lot of recent life stress!  Jade did such a lovely job with her calm and collected demeanor. I definitely will be scheduling another session soon!

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