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Sound Healing




In today's age of stress, anxiety, and frustration, it may be difficult to find any sort of respite from the pressures of everyday life.


Sound Healing therapy may help one reduce stress and have a positive attitude toward life.


Sound is a potent healing vibrational medicine that can be felt throughout every cell in our body. They encourage the release of tension, melting away the burdens we carry, and inviting us to surrender to a state of profound relaxation.


But what is Sound Healing exactly? 


It’s a vibrational frequency that helps promote good health and well-being. 


Using healing frequencies supports the body's natural self-healing process, which creates energy alignment within your body. 

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How does sound healing work, on the energetic level?

If we can change our perspective, we can change our relationship with the thing that may be preventing us from experiencing optimal homeostasis. Not only does sound help you relax, but it also has the ability to move through areas of blockage. These energy blocked areas can be located in our physical body, our subtle body, or both.

Our "subtle body" is our energy body. This body contains our life force energy, often called Qi, Chi or Prana. In Chinese medicine, meridian points are used to locate areas of restricted energy flow in our physical and subtle bodies. The body is known to have thousands of these meridian lines mapped throughout the body just as we map the latitude and longitude of the Earth.

Sound therapy treatment is performed by playing sound at certain frequencies on certain parts of the patient's body. These healing sessions take place in a private space, yoga studio or community space. A personal session begins with an introduction to the client's health issues, followed by a guided meditation to help relax and receive healing vibrations. If you wish, the session can be recorded.

 The group experience is more like an acoustic concert in a small public space. We guide how best to receive and work with this therapeutic practice. Group sessions can also provide a social experience to meet the needs of a spiritual or healing community.

The Science Behind Healing


Sympathetic Resonance

Theory that says that every thing vibrates at a natural frequency. When an object is subjected to a similar frequency of sound or vibration, it is possible for it to vibrate in response to an external stimulus.
The human body's cells and systems can react to particular frequencies when it comes to healing, and the employment of sound healing treatments tries to produce resonance that aids the body's inherent healing mechanisms.


Frequency Following Response (FFR)

This is linked to the idea of brainwave frequency entrainment. Basically, when your brain hears a beat, your brain's electrical activity syncs with the beat. It's called a Frequency Following Response. That's why we use binaural beats to help us reach our mental goals.


Brainwave entrainment

The process of brainwave entrainment involves adjusting the frequency of brainwaves in response to an external stimulus, such as sound or light. The brain can be influenced to adapt the frequency difference between the two ears, for instance, by listening to rhythmic sounds or binaural beats. As a result, distinct brainwave patterns that correspond to altered mental states, including relaxation or increased focus, may result.


Balance the brain’s left and right hemispheres

The brain is divided into two hemispheres, each of which is connected to a different set of cognitive processes. The goal of sound healing techniques is occasionally to equalize the activity of the left and right hemispheres. To promote holistic brain function and maybe improve creativity, problem-solving, and general mental health, specific frequencies or rhythms, for example, may encourage connections between the two hemispheres.



The benefits of sound healing therapy are profound, resonating deep within the chambers of our hearts and minds. As the vibrations envelop us, they ripple through our bodies, gently nudging our cells back into alignment.

They encourage the release of tension, melting away the burdens we carry, and inviting us to surrender to a state of profound relaxation.

  • Relaxes and calms the mind and body

  • Improves your focus 

  • Prevents you from feeling burnt out 

  • Helps you accomplish anything you set your mind to

  • Allows you to feel energetic and confident in your work and life 

  • Releases anxiety, stress, and overwhelm 

  • Provides natural cleansing and release of any emotions or energy no longer serving you 

Types Of Sound Healing Sessions

  1. Sound baths - Using instruments like singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums to create a relaxing and healing soundtrack, one can experience a sound bath. While the practitioner plays these instruments, participants usually lie down or sit comfortably, allowing the vibrations and mellow tones to promote a state of relaxation and potential healing.

  2. Guided sound meditations: In sessions of "guided sound meditation," an instructor guides participants through a meditation while adding sounds from musical instruments, recordings of nature, or vocal toning. The feeling of relaxation and reflection is enhanced using sound and guided meditation.

  3. Chanting and kirtan: Chanting is the practice of vocalizing certain words, phrases, or mantras repeatedly. Call-and-response chanting known as kirtan is frequently practiced in a group setting. Both techniques employ the voice's rhythm and resonance to foster a peaceful and uplifting environment.

  4. Vibroacoustic therapy: Vibroacoustic therapy uses sound tables or chairs that are precisely engineered to transfer vibrations through the body, enabling patients to physically experience the music. To encourage relaxation, lessen discomfort, and enhance general wellbeing, these vibrations are frequently paired with music or particular frequencies.

  5. Acutonics tuning forks: Precision-tuned tuning forks are applied to specific body locations in acutonics, a healing technique that is akin to acupuncture. The meridian system of the body is stimulated by the vibrations of the tuning forks to promote energy flow and equilibrium.

  6. Binaural Beats: Acutonics is a form of alternative medicine that uses finely tuned tuning forks to target specific body parts. The body's meridian system is stimulated by the tuning fork vibrations to promote energy flow and equilibrium.


Sound has a strong influence on the mind, body and soul. The ability of sound to bring healing and equilibrium has been identified and exploited by people from different cultures. In the last centuries, sound treatments have been developed and continued to evolve so as to be complementary to conventional medical treatment. 

Sounds healing can be a great complementary to improve the health of your mind, body and emotions. One must, of course, refrain from taking sound healing as a complete substitute for medical treatment. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, talk to your doctor and see a physician immediately.


Have questions? 


Send me a message & let’s talk about how to get you feeling good!

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